We just saved the masses from a political cult of propaganda, lies and state-run hypnosis

Hillary Clinton being elected president would have been the worst of all possible outcomes for the American people. Despite the fact that the mainstream media spent the past 18 months doing everything in their power to guilt-trip all of us into voting for Hillary, we stuck to our guns and rejected the establishment’s stranglehold over all of us, leading directly to Donald Trump becoming president-elect of the United States.

For the first time in a long time, the American people realized that our voices could be heard if we made our way out to the polls and voted for the candidate that we believed had our best interests in mind. After all of the information came out showing just how corrupt and twisted Hillary Clinton, and her entire administration are, there was no chance that freedom-loving Americans were going to vote for her — and that is exactly what happened.

Donald Trump won because the disillusioned people living in Middle America finally received a candidate that spoke to them directly as if they were humans. Trump didn’t ignore the legitimate middle class in America. He visited them, he campaigned to them and he actually listened to the problems that these people are dealing with. Instead of acting morally superior to his voters, Trump paid attention to them.

Nick Penzenstadler of USA Today reports, “Trump claims to have targeted first-time voters and campaigned in disillusioned rural areas that otherwise may not have participated. That effect may reverberate this year because… the GOP will be in control of the White House, Congress and most likely will have a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.”

This is a good thing for those of us who have been rejecting the entire big government system that their golden girl was beaten easily by the most anti-establishment candidate in history. With Trump in office — and a conservaitve Congress — taxes are almost guaranteed to be lower in quick fashion and regulations on business owners will become a thing of the past.

The free market is sure to rise again in America — because that is what the American people wanted. Finally, the good people of our country have managed to make things work for them. Finally we have a president who will make sure that the people of our country — all of the people, not just the leftists — will be prospering.

Things are going to get better and the American people are responsible for this.





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