CON JOB: The fall of Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes proves the pro-feminist business media does ZERO research about the people it promotes

The globalist media is so desperate these days to prop up any person who isn’t a straight, white, Christian male that it has completely abandoned all journalistic integrity in its vetting process – especially when it comes to forging the politically correct narrative of promoting feminism at all costs, which includes contributing to the “progressive” rise of female executives in the corporate world.

One of the biggest examples of this agenda in play was the media’s propulsion of Elizabeth Holmes, once hailed as the “next Steve Jobs,” to the forefront of all the tech headlines. The former head of a now-defunct blood testing company known as Theranos, Holmes once claimed that she had developed a new way to draw blood and perform blood panels that was quicker, more efficient, and more comprehensive than existing technologies.

Simply for making these claims, Holmes was immediately featured on the covers of all sorts of tech magazines, with every liberal on the planet hailing her as an archetype of female leadership in action. There was just one teeny-weeny little problem: Holmes’ alleged technology didn’t actually work, and she was later exposed for having lied and cheated her way into “success.”

But the revealing of Holmes as a lying crook didn’t occur until after she had already stolen tens of millions of dollars from her company’s investors – something that likely never would have occurred had the media lapdogs who propped her up from the start actually conducted honest research into her company and the fake claims she made about it.

The mainstream media was apparently so enamored by the idea that a young female had developed a breakthrough technology that it flouted its responsibility to verify whether or not the technology was even legitimate. In the process, every single media outlet that gave Holmes the time of day without performing due diligence in substantiating her credibility directly contributed to her heist of investor dollars.

Elizabeth Holmes still made out like a bandit, despite her crimes – presumably because she’s a woman

While Holmes was eventually charged with “massive fraud” by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for her crimes, she received little more than a slap on the wrist in the form of a measly $500,000 settlement. Meanwhile, she made out like a bandit, having at one point been declared to have a net worth in excess of $9 billion.

The SEC concluded that Holmes bilked investors out of more than $700 million through false claims about her phony technology. But, in the end, she settled for less than half of the median value of a run-down home in Silicon Valley.

It was an obscenely small price to pay, in other words, for scamming millions of dollars from investors who foolishly believed that Holmes had actually achieved a technological feat that would help millions of people. Instead, she had thieved millions of dollars to help only herself at the expense of others – something that, again, never would have happened had the media been doing its job rather than playing the fool in the propagation of feminism.

“Holmes filled her company with deep state cronies, recruiting for her board ‘aged national security superstars like former secretaries of state George Schultz and Henry Kissinger, past and current secretaries of defense like Bill Perry and James Mattis, and so forth,'” explains Information Liberation.

“She pushed the narrative about ‘women and girls’ in STEM [a special interest White House program created by Barack Obama via an Executive Order back in 2009] and the controlled media rewarded her for it. Too bad for her investors.”

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