Fired White House aide Manigault-Newman violated national security by recording her firing: She should be prosecuted to prevent future infractions

The longer POTUS Donald Trump is in office, the more obvious it becomes that the Leftist Deep State and its sycophantic media allies seriously believe that operating within the rule of law does not apply when it comes to undermining his administration.

In recent days, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, the fired former White House aide who once starred on the Trump-hosted “Apprentice” series, released a secretly-taped recording of her firing by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“We’re going to talk to you about leaving the White House,” Kelly says in the secret recording. “It has come to my attention over the last few months that there’s been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues…” he continued.

He noted further: “I’d like to see this be a friendly departure. There are pretty significant legal issues that we hope don’t develop into something that, that’ll make it ugly for you. But I think it’s important to understand that if we make this a friendly departure, we can all be, you know, you can look at, look at your time here in … the White House as a year of service to the nation. And then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation.”

Every Trump enemy is hyper-focused on Kelly’s “threat” against Manigault-Newman for her alleged misuse of a government car.

They are completely ignoring the much larger issue at hand: A major breach of national security that would be far more legally complex for her than anything else she may have done.

It’s important to note that the meeting took place in the White House Situation Room, where current crisis and threat briefings are given to the National Security Council, the president’s National Security Advisor, and, of course, the president himself. The Situation room serves as a 24/7 enclave for the exchange of highly classified information, and as such is subject to very stringent security requirements. (Related: Did Rudy Giuliani just suggest that Robert Mueller is part of a conspiracy to remove POTUS Trump from office?)

“…[T]he Situation Room recording raised questions about whether she had breached security protocols in a room that is supposed to be devoid of personal electronic devices,” The Bend Bulletin reported.

In fact, recording devices and cell phones are banned in the Situation Room, Business Insider adds:

National security professionals go to extreme lengths to ensure the security of conversations in and out of the room, which is known as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. A team follows the president and can establish one of these secure rooms in short notice when needed. 

Importantly, staffers are required to give up recording devices or cell phones when entering the room.

‘A whole other realm’

Former National Security Council spokesman in the Obama administration said there was no ‘formal’ vetting or screening process to check whether personnel entering the SCIF are carrying recording devices or phones, calling it “a system of trust.”

But in a swipe at Manigault-Newman, he also said in a tweet that the White House “wasn’t designed for the Omarosas of the world” and that it is “sad we now have to accommodate them.” He noted further that those in government “are supposed to be the finest public servants we have.”

As for the Trump administration, it is pursuing potential legal action against Manigault-Newman, ABC News reported. The objective would be to stop her from releasing more tapes and to punish her for what she’s already done.

Former White House Press Secretary said her actions were “an unbelievable violation of protocol and the law.”

“You can lose your security clearance for bringing your device into SCIF – to bring it in is a violation but to willfully record it – you’re entering a whole other realm,” he added.

Some have observed that the White House must pursue any and all legal action against her, if for no other reason than to send the message loud and clear such behavior will not be tolerated.

Let’s see if Washington’s two-tier justice system remains two-tier.

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