segment exposes corrupt mainstream media for hatefully bashing UK journalist Tommy Robinson following his release from prison

The deep state media in Great Britain and elsewhere is shamefully taking swipes at independent journalist Tommy Robinson, who was recently set free from a horrific prison experience after being illicitly jailed simply for fighting for the rights of his fellow countrymen who are being targeted for elimination by an aggressive Islamic takeover.

The Planet X News channel at recently published a powerful segment about the ongoing persecution of Robinson, whose valiant efforts to expose the truth about what’s happening to his country has landed him in the crosshairs of ridicule and persecution.

While we won’t link to any of the articles here so as to avoid contributing to their site traffic, numerous U.K.-based propaganda outlets have been mocking Robinson ever since he was released. The Mirror Online, for instance, reported on how Robinson was pranked by a YouTube comedian pretending to be a racist, calling it “glorious.”

Many others are referring to him as a “far-right,” “anti-Muslim” activist, mocking him for being “mentally tortured” in a mostly-Muslim prison where he says he faced “Guantanamo Bay”-like conditions.

“His biggest threat was his own country, the United Kingdom government,” explains the Planet X News channel at “He was very outspoken pertaining to the Islamic integration into his country, and the crimes that were being committed. And then? The fall of free speech.”

All white countries seem to be under attack as part of global white genocide agenda

And it’s not just in the U.K. where this type of thing is happening. It’s happening all throughout Europe, including in places like Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, and Spain, as well as here in the United States, where the systematic breakdown of free speech is reaching breakneck speed.

“Your freedoms are disappearing. Your freedom of speech is falling to the wayside very quickly,” explains Planet X News.

“Since his release, the tabloid journalists over in the U.K. have already started bashing him, filling the media full of lies. It’s the same thing we see here in the United States dealing with our own president, Donald Trump. Every single day, that’s all you hear. We barely hear any other kind of news. It’s Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that, Russian collusion – it’s played out, it’s old. There were no crimes. Let this man get to running this country the right way.”

So why would the people of Great Britain celebrate the destruction of their own country, and mock someone who’s trying to save it? Because they’ve been brainwashed into the lie of “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” believing these to be good things that somehow make a country stronger rather than weaker and more disjointed.

“The people of Britain are being kicked to the side in their own country, and this man was simply fighting for his countrymen. And he was jailed on a ‘contempt of court’ ruling” back in May,” reveals Planet X News.

“They sent him to a prison in the U.K. which had a 75 percent Muslim population. He had a target on his head. He was jailed before on similar circumstances. The U.K. government did the same thing to him. They tried to break him, emotionally, but they failed.”

The good news is that all of Robinson’ persecution has shined a spotlight on the man, making him “bigger than life,” to quote Planet X News. He’s almost single-handedly reinvigorating nationalism throughout the U.K., which represents its only chance of survival amid the continued threat of “refugee” invaders.

“What they don’t realize … is that whenever they are doing things like this, all they are doing is making this man bigger than life, which he deserves, because he’s fighting for his own countrymen, fighting for their rights.”

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